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RotaChrom offers different CPC technology platforms:
the rCPC, iCPC and the pCPC

RotaChrom rCPC platform


RotaChrom’s rCPC device is a pilot-scale centrifugal partition chromatographic (CPC) instrument which is ideal for pilot-scale purification as well as method optimization prior to manufacturing on industrial-scale. With this platform, manufacturers have no limit to system adaptation for any purification challenges from small molecule APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) to macromolecules or from hydrophobic lipids to hydrophilic peptides all on the same machine.

iCPC instrument


The iCPC is currently the largest, commercially available centrifugal partition chromatographic instrument in the world. RotaChrom is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the industrial scale CPC instrument and provides various products and services facilitating silica-gel-free preparative industrial scale purification. Buying an iCPC device provides many technical and economical advantages to your current and future purification tasks. The iCPC is only available as a stand-alone version for special set-ups.

pCPC instrument - product picture


The pCPC unit is comprised of the RotaChrom iCPC instrument and a SKID system which automates the purification process, from solvent preparation to recycling under ex-proof environment. RotaChrom’s pCPC platform offers high throughput, outstanding purity, increased yield and cost efficiency compared to current alternative purification platforms.

pCPC+ COI - product picture


This setup is comprised of the RotaChrom pCPC system, as well as the target compound handling system. The additional compound of interest (COI) platform enables to concentrate and refinish the target compounds. This hyphenated platform is adaptable for the individual Client requirements and throughput.

RotaChrom CPC Device Overview

  • Technical features ¹rCPCiCPC
  • Loading capacityup to 150 g/cycleup to 1500 g/cycle
  • Average flow rate~250 mL/min~2500 mL/min
  • Throughput ²2 kg/day20 kg/day
  • Weight470 kg / 1036 lbs1600 kg / 3527 lbs
  • Dimensions ³

    3'3” x 4'3” x 3'5”4'11” x 5'11” x 4'9”

¹ Industry relevant certifications (i.e. ATEX, UL, CSA) are available upon request for pCPC platform and subjected to individual design reviews, based on the operational environment.

² Amount of the crude/input material and based on 2 shifts (16h)/day operation scheme.

³ Total footprint of the complete system, including SKID platforms,  may vary due to the individual Client location. For further details please refer to FAQ and contact RotaChrom directly.

Why invest in
a RotaChrom CPC platform?

Through the platforms RotaChrom offers, manufacturers have no limits on adapting the system for new downstream challenges from small molecule APIs to macromolecules or from hydrophobic lipids to completely hydrophilic peptides all on the same machine.

Zero Silica Gel in
the Purification Process

RotaChrom CPC platform does not utilize any solid stationary phase, like normal phase or reversed phase silica, in order to achieve efficient industrial scale mixture separation.

High Resolution

The CPC platform has been proven superior to preparative HPLC, SMB, Ion exchange, Flash chromatography, crystallization, as well as chiral chromatography in terms of purity, yield, and return on investment.

and Scale-Up

The CPC system has almost no limits on adaptation from small molecule APIs to macromolecules or from hydrophobic lipids to completely hydrophilic peptides on the same instrument.

Exceptional Quality

RotaChrom staff is well-skilled in quality assurance, risk management, Good Validation and Qualification Practice in order to apply and implement standard operation procedures in Client working environment.

Core advantages

  • Conventional industrial LC*RotaChrom industrial CPC
  • High solvent consumptionLess solvent consumption
  • Expensive stationary phase; difficult column fillingNo solid bulk material; Solvents with higher impurities can be utilized
  • Only the mobile phase is recyclable Both phases are >95% recyclable (organic solvents)
  • Irreversible adsorption denaturation No irreversibility detected
  • Difficult scale-up – complete redesign needed Easy scale up from grams/batch to tons/month production in weeks
  • Limited adaptation for different application (major change of instrument needed for different application) Almost no limits on adaptation from small molecule APIs to macromolecules from extremely hydrophobic lipids to completely hydrophilic peptides
  • Yield limited due to multi-step processes Allows much fewer steps resulting in much higher yields and technical grade solvents can also be used
  • Long retention time and lower productivityShorter retention times through customized solvent system composition which results higher productivity

* Liquid chromatography

Working process with RotaChrom


Case Study – Mutual Assessment of Collaboration

Based on the scientific and financial specifications of a given purification project and the detailed requirements, RotaChrom CPC professionals analyze the project’s feasibility in a Case Study to determine the most cost effective and efficient solution RotaChrom CPC technology can offer. RotaChrom works together with its Partner closely in order to achieve the most beneficial solution for a long-term success.


Optional Feasibility Study

For certain applications it is highly recommended conducting a Feasibility Study with  RotaChrom’s expert chemists to bring out the best performance of the CPC platform. During the study, RotaChrom screens various solvent systems to determine a biphasic system which is the most suitable and meets the Partner’s expectations for a given purification project. The results are provided to the Partner in the form of a Study Report and the purified material is returned for verification. If requested, the Feasibility Study can be extended to examine purification and isolation of further compounds from the sample or to various solvent recovery modules for the highest cost efficiency.


Installation and Training

RotaChrom’s professionals can help its esteemed Partners to choose the most appropriate scale CPC platform to meet their highest standards. Once the CPC is delivered, RotaChrom’s qualified engineering team installs the instrument according to the site acceptance test protocol and trains the Partner’s staff to use the instrument efficiently and independently.


Customer Technical Support – at Your Service Anytime!

RotaChrom’s professional and devoted colleagues at the Customer Technical Support Department are a phone call away to give you the quickest and highest standard service possible whenever and wherever you may need it. Installation & Maintenance Manuals, Product Datasheets and Site Requirement documents are provided to all RotaChrom Partners. Preventative maintenance schedules and a list of wearing parts will also be offered to minimize down-time and maximize the instrument’s reliability. RotaChrom’s Service & Maintenance professionals are ready to eliminate all technical obstacles from the way of lucrative business worldwide.


On-Site Consultancy: New Method or Scale-Up Development

If the Partners require additional professional guidance, RotaChrom’s Technical Support Team provides high-standard consultancy services all over the world. Whether new Method or Scale-Up Development is needed, RotaChrom’s trained and experienced Technical Support Representatives are at your service on-site.

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