pCPC Skids

The pCPC unit is comprised of the RotaChrom iCPC instrument and a Skid system which automates the purification process, from solvent preparation to recycling under ex-proof environment. RotaChrom’s pCPC platform offers high throughput, outstanding purity, increased yield and cost efficiency compared to current alternative purification platforms.

Here you can see a pCPC instrument.


Here you can see an iCPC instrument.

The largest CPC unit in the world capable of processing up to 20 kg of crude input material/day.

Mixer-Settler Skid

A built up Mixer Settler SKID.

Fully automated multi-phase solvent system generating Skid, enabling continuous feed of fresh solvents for our CPC instrument.

Buffer Skid

Here you can see a Buffer SKID.

Composed of temperature-controlled vessels, it stores the upper phase, lower phase prepared by the Mixer-Settler Skid. Third vessel in the middle stores crude material.

Fraction Skid

Here you can see a Fraction collector SKID.

Nine 40-liter vessels receive the liquid flow containing valuable material from the iCPC. The Skid is on wheels for mobility.

Impurity Skid

Here you can see an Impurity SKID.

These dual vessels receive the liquid containing no valuable material for a specific CPC run.

Evaporator Skid

Here you can see an Evaporator SKID.

Duel wiped film evaporators recycle the organic solvent from the liquid containing no valuable material in the Impurity Skid.

Control Unit

A Control panel PLC with closed doors.

Real-Time Process Control designed to automate the full purification process (including all skids). It features extended operating temperature ranges, immunity to electrical noise and resistance to vibration and impact. Built on industrial grid, robust Programmable Logic Controller based (PLC-based) platform.

pCPC - Rotachrom Technologies LLC.