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In the iCPC process development, biphasic systems can be catered and optimized for specific purification challenges and the results have been groundbreaking. The platform has demonstrated superiority to traditional LC systems such as HPLC, SMB, Flash, Ion Exchange and EVEN Chiral Chromatography as well as multi-step crystallization in most cases in terms of yield, purity, cost, and return of investment.

Dramatic Reduction of Steps – Increased Yield

The iCPC platform drastically reduces the number of steps in the purification process which translates to lower costs and higher yield. The following 5 case studies demonstrate how the iCPC system achieved a dramatic increase in yield and profitability while reducing costs.

iCPC drastically reduces the number of steps in the downstream process

  • Prostaglandin 10 recrystallization + 3 column chromatographyCPC + 2 recrystallization
  • Omega-3 acidsReversed-phase SMB + column chromatographySingle step CPC
  • Oligopeptide2 column chromatography + 3 recrystallizationCPC + 1 recrystallization
  • Oligopeptide14 extraction + 2 recrystallizationCPC + 1 recrystallization
  • TaxaneMPLC + Column chromatographySingle step CPC

Dramatic Reduction of Steps means increased Yield/Purity and reduction in Operating Costs

compound cost reductions graph
RotaChrom – Advantages – No More Silica Gel