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Predictable and Fast Scale up

The CPC technique’s advantage is its scalability. Results achieved on the rCPC pilot scale platform are easily, predictably, and quickly scaled to the RotaChrom iCPC industrial scale platform. This predictability allows for the data generated through method development (including yield, purity, throughput, and productivity) to be used to predict industrial scale results for Investors and Partners. When coupled with market rates, the results of the rCPC instrument will also provide data necessary to accurately predict ROI and cash-flow generated by an industrial scale instrument.


Adapting a traditional LC column usually requires a complete change in instrument or installation of a brand new column to accommodate a new compounds of interest. In the CPC technique, both the mobile and stationary phases are liquid solvents, meaning that CPC infrastructure can quickly be purged, cleaned and prepared for a new purification project. The iCPC system has almost no limits in adaptation: from small molecules to macromolecules or from extremely hydrophobic lipids to completely hydrophilic peptides.

Instrument comparison table

  • InstrumentLoading capacity (g)Average flow rate (L/Min)Purified API (Kg/day)
  • rCPC up to 750.25up to 2
  • iCPCup to 7502.5up to 20

With an iCPC instrument, scale up is a cost-effective and flexible process:

  • Since there is no solid bulk material, there are no costs associated switching from NP to RP silica as is the case with prep HPLC
  • With conventional industrial scale LC solutions scale up requires heavy investment, trial and error, and comes with significant financial risk if the method development is delayed or fails.
  • CPC scale up is a predictable process and does not require a complete system redesign for large scale production.

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