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About Us

RotaChrom’s mission is to provide a top performing, quality and dependable downstream solution which will redefine expectations for API manufacturers and sponsors.

In the middle 60’s, Hungarian Inventor Csaba Horvath developed the first HPLC instrument which revolutionized preparative molecular separation in the modern era. RotaChrom is a talented, passionate and genuine team of Hungarian engineers and proudly offer a novel disruptive technology platform called Industrial Scale Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (iCPC). Like the Hungarian patriarchs of Chromatography, RotaChrom’s team has developed a revolutionary instrument with the potential to replace HPLC as the standard for industrial scale downstream purification.

From the onset of development the goal was to create a more economical, efficient, adaptable and scalable industrial scale preparative instrument. RotaChrom is proud of that its platforms will mitigate the cost and risk profile of pharmaceutical research, development and production.

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