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RotaChrom technologies - Completes CPC Seperation with food-grade solvents

RotaChrom has successfully completed CPC separation utilizing a food-grade solvent system for purification on their technology platform.

Kevin Carrillo, entrepreneur, social media consultant, and host of the Cannabinoid Connect Podcast, interviewed RotaChrom's North America President Gyula Kangiszer.


RotaChrom announced today the promotion of Kelly Peterson to Vice President of Technical Services, North America, as well as the hiring of Donnie Lummus as Senior Account Executive for the RotaChrom North America sales team.

CANNEU21 rotachrom

RotaChrom Technologies will be participating in a panel discussion at the Future Cannabis Strategy Conference Europe 2021 about the legal landscape for CBD with other leading companies in the industry.

Rotachrom icpc

RotaChrom announced the opening of a showroom and equipment reference facility in Denver, Colorado. The new facility features a fully functioning setup of the Company’s industrial-scale Centrifugal Partition Chromatography solution, the pCPC.

András Gáspár PhD

RotaChrom Technologies announced today the promotion of Andras Gaspar, Ph.D., to Chief Product Officer. In his new role, Andras will oversee all product development and engineering processes at RotaChrom.

RotaChrom iCPC

RotaChrom announced the launch of a collaboration with Cyclolab Cyclodextrin Research and Development Laboratory Ltd. (“Cyclolab''), a cyclodextrin research, development and manufacturing company.


Global Allied Processing Solutions (“G-APS” or “Organization”) today announced its strategic focus on the global organic material industry through its recent formation of an alliance representing companies on the forefront of technological advancements in processing equipment and practices.

RotaChrom - First webinar

RotaChrom organizes its first webinar with the focus of Centrifugal Partition Chromatography on an industrial-scale and its applications in the cannabis industry

RotaChrom - Scientific publication on the industrial-scale CPC platform

A peer-reviewed scientific paper describing the concept and realization of RotaChrom’s pCPC platform has been presented in the prestigious journal Organic Process Research & Development (OPR&D) published by the American Chemical Society.

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