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Purify your compounds from as low as


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There is no silica gel to be washed or changed and you only need fresh solvents once a year as they are reusable and eventually may be recyclable. No wonder you can manufacture end products for as low as $139/kg. Want to hear the details?


RotaChrom’s unique industrial-scale chromatography platform offers unmatched separation of not only CBD, THC, but any other cannabinoid you’re looking for. You can define the purity you need.


Through RotaChrom’s scalable technology, you can increase your production to meet growing demand. Our technology allows you to easily change between methods. You have a buyer for 500 kgs of T-free CBD this month and want CBN the next? With RotaChrom, that’s easy as ABC…

Industrial Scale
Centrifugal Partition Chromatography

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Purify your compounds from as low as $139/kg | Rotachrom Technologies LLC.