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High resolution pilot scale centrifugal partition chromatographic platform which is ideal for method development as well as for pilot scale purification. Through this platform, manufacturers have no limits on adapting the system for new downstream challenges from small molecule APIs to macromolecules or from hydrophobic lipids to hydrophilic peptides all on the same machine.


The largest centrifugal partition chromatographic instrument in the world. RotaChrom is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the industrial scale CPC instrument and provides various products and services facilitating downstream silica gel free preparative industrial scale production. Buying an iCPC device provides many technical and economic advantages to your current and future downstream method development.


The fully integrated and PLC controlled pCPC platform automates industrial scale solvent system preparation, recycling, recovery and recirculation. The system is comprised of an iCPC-M, Mixer-settler, Buffer, Waste, Evaporator, and Fraction Collector SKID.

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Feasibility Study

RotaChrom’s Laboratory is ready to test a small sample to develop estimates of industrial scale yield, purity, solvent recovery/recycling. This is the basis of a cost/benefit analysis, and an impurity profile. These studies provide more data for optimal method development in integrating the iCPC system into a manufacturer’s process.

RotaChrom strongly recommends to perform Feasibility Study in each case in order to properly discover the scientific and economic background of the given purification challenge. In addition, Feasibility Study is an excellent tool for demonstrating proof of concept before further investing in the CPC device platform.

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