Dávid Nagy

Chief Strategy Officer
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Dávid is a technology expert with chemical engineering, data science and management consulting background. In the past 7 years he focused on providing end-to-end solutions for complex technology related problems including core technology, HR, IT and management. He has worked across a wide range of industries: oil and natural gas, manufacturing, power generation, software development, healthcare, FMCG, banking, online travel, as well as functional areas such as engineering, supply chain management, IT, finance and HR. He gained business experience in different cultures throughout Europe, South-East Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and the Americas.
Having performed all the steps from modeling, design, software development, manufacturing to implementation and operation, Dávid is confident to provide working solutions for all aspects of technical problems. His technical expertise and broad range of experience uniquely qualifies him to lead RotaChrom’s strategy development efforts and manage its key projects.

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Dávid Nagy | Rotachrom Technologies LLC.