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Gyula Kangiszer

Chief Regional Leader NA, President of RotaChrom NA
  • Gyula Kangiszer - portrait - RotaChrom Technologies

Gyula is a seasoned strategy and innovation consultant with over 25 years of international experience working for Deloitte, Accenture, Microsoft and EY. He advised leading corporations on a wide range of topics from market strategy through purposeful transformation to operations improvement. Gyula started his career by co-founding and successfully growing a software development company. As the leader of RotaChrom’s North American subsidiary, Gyula is responsible for scaling the operations to stay ahead of the increasing market needs. He also provides strategic advice to customers not only on how to leverage CPC technology, but also how to build their business for long term growth. Gyula is committed to serving the community as the President of the West Hollywood Lions Club and the Board Member of the American-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce.

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Gyula Kangiszer | Rotachrom Technologies LLC.