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Industrial Scale Centrifugal Partition Chromatography

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What does RotaChrom do?

RotaChrom has developed the world’s first industrial scale Centrifugal Partition Chromatographic (iCPC) technology platform. The technology has significantly disrupted the purification industry by providing the most cost-effective commercial scale chromatographic solutions to Partners all over the world. RotaChrom is currently working with an eclectic array of industries including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and botanical companies in the United States, EU, China and India.

RotaChrom’s mission is to become industry standard and redefine the expectations for companies in the pharmaceutical, herbs & cannabis, phytopharma, neutraceuticals,  food & beverages, cosmetics & fragrances and more.


RotaChrom's expertise

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Do you want to isolate major or minor cannabinoids on an industrial scale? RotaChrom’s highly scalable, adaptable and cost-effective technique is efficiently used to isolate cannabinoids, remediate pesticides or remove THC from a crude cannabis extract.

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RotaChrom‘s CPC system has almost no limits on adaptation from small molecule APIs to macromolecules or from hydrophobic lipids to completely hydrophilic peptides on the same instrument. Scaling up from grams to tons/month production can be achieved on the same platform within weeks.

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Food & Beverages

If you use conventional chromatographic technology for isolating compounds then RotaChrom can offer you a much more efficient, cost-effective, adaptable and scalable solution for your chromatographic challenge.

RotaChrom's expertise

RotaChrom's expertise

RotaChrom’s Products & Services


Pilot scale centrifugal partition chromatographic instrument for Research & Development and small-scale purification.


The largest centrifugal partition chromatographic platform in the world designed for industrial scale purification.


A centrifugal partition chromatographic system including an iCPC instrument and SKIDS for solvent preparation, recycling and recirculation for an automated batch production.

Feasibilty study

A study run by RotaChrom’s laboratory with the partner’s material to evaluate the possible outcomes and to prove that the compound can be successfully purified by RotaChrom CPC technology.

Method development and implementation

A specific method is being developed for RotaChrom CPC system by using the sample of RotaChrom’s partner to be purified.

Optional production scale pilot study

After a feasibility study in certain cases it is a recommended option to conduct a production scale pilot study with RotaChrom’s expert team in order to get further information on your future operational parameters.

Factory design consultancy

Consultancy support is provided to RotaChrom’s partners to be able to install RotaChrom CPC system in a suitable factory environment.

Maintenance service agreement

Regular preventive maintenance to ensure safe and reliable operation.

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