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No More Silica Gel

RotaChrom‘s iCPC platform does not utilize any solid stationary phase, like normal phase or the expensive reversed phase silica, in order to achieve efficient industrial scale mixture separation. In this technique, both the mobile and stationary phases are liquids and the stationary phase is immobilized by a strong centrifugal force. The iCPC method only requires common technical grade solvents to achieve precision separation.

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Precision Performance

The iCPC platform has been proven superior to preparative HPLC, SMB, Ion exchange, Flash chromatography, crystallization, as well as chiral chromatography in terms of purity, yield, and return on investment. Additionally, the incorporation of the iCPC system can dramatically reduce the number of steps required in an API manufacturer’s downstream process.

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Adaptability and Scale up

The CPC technique uses only liquid solvents, so CPC infrastructure can quickly be purged, cleaned and prepared for a new purification project. The iCPC system has almost no limits in adaptation and one of the technique’s biggest advantage is its scalability. Results achieved on the rCPC pilot scale platform are easily, predictably and quickly scaled to RotaChrom’s Industrial Scale iCPC platform.

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Exceptional Quality

The iCPC system has almost no limits on adaptation from small molecule APIs to macromolecules or from hydrophobic lipids to completely hydrophilic peptides on the same instrument.
RotaChrom’s patented downstream platform is capable of direct Scale up in a few weeks: from grams/batch to tons/month production all on the same machine!

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Core Advantages

  • High solvent consumption ( more than 1 m³/kg)Less solvent consumption ( less than 0.5 m³/kg)
  • Expensive stationary phase difficult to packNo solid bulk material
  • Only mobile phase is recyclable Both phases >95% recyclable
  • Irreversible adsorption denaturation No irreversibility detected
  • Difficult scale-up – complete redesign needed takes years Easy scale up from grams/batch to tons/month production in few weeks
  • Limited adaption for different application (complete change of instrument needed for different application) Almost no limits on adaption from small molecule APIs to macromolecules from extremely hydrophobic lipids to completely hydrophilic peptides
  • Yield limited due to multistep processes Allows for much fewer steps which means much higher yield (see examples below) Technical Grade Solvents OK
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