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Versatile and robust – This is the pCPC RotaChrom’s pCPC is the largest and most versatile platform in the company’s product portfolio. It can be used for many…


Here you can see a header of RotaChrom's Webinar in May 2021 about green features of centrifugal partation chromatography with Gergő Dragó, PhD.
Green Features of Centrifugal Partition Chromatography.


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PREP 2022: the "most recognized international conference for Preparative & Process Chromatography" We are super excited to attend the PREP 2022 conference in Baltimore! Bob Madigan, our Chief…

What does RotaChrom do?

RotaChrom has developed the world’s first commercially available industrial scale Centrifugal Partition Chromatographic (CPC) technology platform. The technology has significantly revolutionized the purification industry by providing cost-effective commercial scale chromatographic solutions to Partners all over the world. RotaChrom is currently working with a broad array of industries including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, health and beauty, and botanical companies, research and academia, and more in the Americas, Europe, China, India, and Asia.

Industrial-scale chromatography

Scale up your purification process and production from mg to 20kg/day

Wide-range application

Versatile purification systems to work with a wide range of COIs

From research to industry

Select between lab-scale, pilot-scale, or industrial-scale purification

95% purity

Use CPC for isolation, separation, and remediation

20 kg/day

High production potential

Recover 95% of the solvent


Without silica gel

No more expensive silica gel or resign are needed, CPC only uses liquids for separation.

Environmentally friendly

CPC generates significantly less hazardous waste compared to traditional chromatography, since 95% of the solvents can be recycled and recirculated into the system.

Unparalleled Adaptability

The CPC infrastructure can be adapted for a new purification project within hours.


Chromatography is a process for separating components of crude mixtures. A target compound may have ingredients that are useful, beneficial and are highly valuable for commercially sold products, while others must be extracted through a thorough and careful purification process.

Centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC) is a cost-efficient preparative liquid-liquid chromatographic technique with unique features, such as robustness and versatility. It is particularly suited for the large-scale fractionation and purification of crude natural products. It is utilized in the pharmaceutical industry for the analysis and purification of drugs, and botanical industry for purification of botanical oils, however, it is also highly involved in the downstream processing of foods, beverages, fragrances and fine chemicals.

RotaChrom Products

rotaChrom rCPC instrument


The rCPC platform is designed to execute pilot scale purification tasks within a laboratory environment, making it ideal for any batch, smaller or larger, or campaign type of research work as well as continuous batch production. Test your product before rolling them out to the market.

rotaChrom iCPC instrument


The iCPC is the largest serialized centrifugal partition chromatographic platform in the world, designed for industrial-scale purification projects in continuous batch operation mode, with the capacity to process hundreds of kilograms per month of crude input material. Bid farewell to silica, and make 20+kg end product each day more with flexible, affordable, robust, future-proof chromatography.

rotaChrom pCPC instrument


This tailor-made system pCPC by RotaChrom is a combination of iCPC and solvent preparation and recovery, and regeneration. It also delivers a proprietary automated biphasic solvent system preparation platform, providing a flexible and continuous feed to our iCPC instrument. Automate your complete purification process and make products that meet all standards.

rotaChrom pCPC instrument + HeiVap Platform

pCPC+HeiVap platform

pCPC combined with the Heivap platform is a complex solution: this fully integrated production system enables complete solvent handling solution besides the iCPC purification platform. Adapt it to your very needs to ensure you concentrate and refinish your target compounds without having to compromise.

RotaChrom Services

Feasibility study

A study run by RotaChrom’s laboratory with the Partner’s material to evaluate the possible outcomes and to prove the successful purification of the target compound by RotaChrom CPC technology.

Method development and optimization

Tailor-made methods are being developed and adapted on RotaChrom CPC systems for the individual matrices and compounds of interest, derived from our Clients.

Optional production scale pilot study

After a feasibility study in certain cases it is a recommended option to conduct a production scale pilot study with RotaChrom’s expert team to optimize future operational parameters and enhance potential yield and profit.

Factory design consultancy

Joint efforts with Clients to find the most effective and viable layout and factory setup. RotaChrom prior installation, details installation requirements and recommends optimal layout for the individual processes of the Client, while local safety specifications and regulatory requirements are applied and defined beforehand by the Client.

Maintenance service agreement

Regular preventive maintenance to ensure safe and reliable operation.

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