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Rotachrom is the sole manufacturer and distributer of the industrial scale CPC instrument and provides various products and services facilitating downstream silica gel free preparative industrial scale production including:

Feasibility Study

The feasibility process consists of two parts:

  1. 10 - 20 gram sample is used to develop and optimize the liquid biphasic system for a unique purification challenge.
  2. The system is then tested on a small sample to develop estimates of industrial scale yield, purity, solvent recovery/recycling, cost/benefit analysis, and an impurity profile.

RotaChrom never sells an iCPC instrument without being certain that it is the right solution for your downstream challenge. A Feasibility Study is an excellent tool for demonstrating proof of concept before further investing in the platform.

Pilot Study

Pilot studies are available for further testing of the iCPC platform’s performance on a larger scale production. This study provides more data for optimal method development in integrating the iCPC system into a manufacturer’s process.

RotaChrom’s R&D facility is able to perform pilot studies from 100g to 5 kg batches. Our purification plant is able to perform larger scale projects up to batches of 100 kg. 

RotaChrom’s Inhouse Downstream Purification Services (from Kg to Tons per month)

RotaChrom technologies provides downstream purification services in its Hungarian facilities. RotaChrom is capable of continuous production of grams, Kg and Tons of material per month.

iCPC for Purchase

All of RotaChrom’s devices are available for purchase. Through this option, manufacturers have no limits on adapting the system for new downstream challenges from small molecule APIs to macromolecules or from hydrophobic lipids to completely hydrophilic peptides all on the same machine. Manufacturers can also take advantage of the iCPC's direct scale up capabilities through its interchangeable cell sizes. Buying an iCPC device provides many advantages to your current and future downstream method development. 

Onsite Installation and Training

The iCPC's precision performance stems from the RotaChrom team's expertise in developing the optimal biphasic system and achieving the ideal partition coefficient differential between the compounds of interest, impurities and mobile/stationary phases. RotaChrom provides training at our Hungarian facilities as well as onsite training in biphasic system development and iCPC system operation. This training is included when systems are purchased by manufacturers.

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