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Adaptability and Scale up


A major benefit of the iCPC platform is its Adaptability. Traditional LC has limited adaption for different applications and sometimes requires a complete change in instrument or brand new column to be installed. The iCPC system has almost no limits on adaptation: from small molecules to macromolecules or from extremely hydrophobic lipids to completely hydrophilic peptides.

On a single instrument you can purify as many types of compounds as you would like while complying with IQ, OQ, PQ, Cleaning validation and cGMP. The only limiting factor is the manufacturer’s capacity.

Direct Scale up 

Scale up is another major advantage of the iCPC system. With conventional LC techniques, scale up often requires a complete system redesign which could take years, iCPC scale up is much simpler from few gram batches to tons/month production. You simply increase the loading capacity by utilizing the larger cell sizes. RotaChrom offers 3 prep CPC extraction cell sizes.

  • rCPC / iCPC-S1-50g0.21-5
  • iCPC-M20-200g2.550-500
  • iCPC-L250-1000g10250-2500

With iCPC, scale up is a cost-effective and flexible process:

  • Since there is no solid bulk material, there are no costs associated switching from NP to Reversed Phase silica such as in prep HPLC
  • With conventional industrial scale LC solutions scale up requires heavy investment, trial and error, and comes with significant financial risk if the method development is delayed or fails. The iCPC platform is always predictable as it does not require complete system redesign for large scale production.
  • The cell sizes inside the iCPC are Interchangeable which means that single machine can facilitate scale up of decade scale in a day and minimal additional investment.
RotaChrom – Advantages – Adaptability and Scale up