No Solid Bulk Material - No More Columns

RotaChrom’s iCPC platform does not utilize any solid stationary phase, like normal phase or the expensive reversed phase silica, in order to achieve efficient industrial scale mixture separation. In this technique, both the mobile and stationary phases are liquids and the stationary phase is immobilized by a strong centrifugal force. The iCPC method only requires common technical grade solvents to achieve precision separation.

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RotaChrom’s patented downstream platform is capable of direct scale up in a few weeks: from grams/batch to tons/month production all on the same machine!

The iCPC system has almost no limits on adaptation from small molecule APIs to macromolecules or from hydrophobic lipids to completely hydrophilic peptides on the same instrument. 

cGMP Compliant

All of RotaChrom’s products, services, and software are in strict compliance with international regulations and guidelines. 


RotaChrom is the sole manufacturer, distributer and contractor of the industrial scale iCPC instrument capable of purifying from Grams to Tons of material per month. We provide complete downstream method development services for clients interested in incorporating the iCPC platform into their downstream process.

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RotaChrom provides feasibility, pilot and scale up studies to demonstrate proof of concept at a very affordable price. Should manufactures choose to lease or purchase an iCPC device, RotaChrom provides onsite customer support, training, and installation. We are capable of solving your greatest purification challenges including but not limited to small molecules, chiral compounds, hydrophobic lipids and hydrophilic protein compounds. 

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Centrifugal Partition Chromatography is a liquid-liquid preparative chromatographic technique, which efficiently and economically separates compounds without utilizing solid bulk material. In this method, the stationary phase is liquid and is immobilized by a strong centrifugal force. Separation is based on the varying partition coefficients of the compounds of interest and impurities in the biphasic system.

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Precision Performance

The iCPC platform has been proven superior to preparative HPLC, SMB, Ion exchange, Flash chromatography, crystallization, as well as chiral chromatography in terms of purity, yield, and return on investment. Additionally, the incorporation of the iCPC system can dramatically reduce the number of steps required in an API manufacturer’s downstream process. 

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High solvent consumption (>m³/kg)

Less solvent consumption (<0,5 m³/kg)

Expensive stationary phase difficult to pack

No solid bulk material

Only mobile phase is recyclable

Both phases >95% recyclable

Irreversible adsorption, denaturation

No irreversibility detected

Difficult scale-up – complete redesign needed, takes years

Easy scale up from grams/batch to tons/month production in few weeks

Limited adaption for different application (complete change of instrument needed for different application)

Almost no limits on adaption

  • from small molecule APIs to macromolecules
  • from extremely hydrophobic lipids to completely hydrophilic peptides

Yield limited due to multistep processes

Allows for much fewer steps which means much higher yield (see examples below)
Technical Grade Solvents OK







10 recrystallization + 3 column chromatography

CPC + 2 recrystallization

 Omega-3 acids

Reversed-phase SMB + column chromatography

Single step CPC


2 column chromatography + 3 recrystallization

CPC + 1 recrystallization


14 extraction + 2 recrystallization

CPC + 1 recrystallization


MPLC + Column chromatography

Single step CPC

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